Colombia’s landmine removal | Farc and Military will work together

Colombia is one of heavily mined countries in our world where Colombian army and Farc fighters have been fighting over five decade since Cuba taste independence. More than eleven thousand people have been injured and more than eight thousand have been died due to landmine blast in last some decades. After a long time and peace conversation, it seems that Colombian government and Farc have agreed on the issue of removal of landmines that is casing death of general people of the country. Military and Farc fighters will work alongside to remove those deadly landmines.

Colombian government and Farc agreed on landmine removal

Colombian government & Farc: Agreement on Mine removal

Both the sides have come to the partial agreement on removing landmines in Colombia after two year long negotiation in Havana. Farc has declared that their members will not wear uniform and will not carry weapons involved in this joint mission of mine removal. But they warned Colombian government’s soldiers also not to carry any kind of weapon at the time of mine removal activities.

Farc’s negotiator Ivan Marquez and president of Colombia have come to the mutual agreement on this fist step forward process to remove mines from heavily mined areas first alongside of peace talk.

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