Concord Might Be Reintroduced in 2019

The name is enough to push adrenaline through your veins- Concord. The first image flashes in your mind is a supersonic carrier.  And you will be amazed after knowing that fans of this awesome plane has raised fund with an aim to re introduce this aircraft. The volunteer group has also arranged a Concord for display purpose in London, which will be on display from a month later.


Though till now no formal agreement has taken place, team concord is confident that they will negotiate on it and will close the deal as soon as possible.

Concord flew in 2003 for the last time, then after a mishap it was taken off from duties. Now the group is trying to install a Concord on Tames near London eye but it’s a real tough task. That’s why they are trying to install another French Concord near Orly airport.

The aim is to fly a Concord in 2019, on the 50th anniversary of Concord’s first flight. The group is very enthusiastic and are very close to get the permission to deploy a concord a platform on Tames near London eye.

Concord is coming back. In 2003, the last concord flight met an accident that killed all 113 on boarders in Paris. We are also looking for the reintroduce day when the historically famous super sonic jet cum commercial carrier comes in front of our eyes. Thanks to the fan club of Concord which brings this dream to a reality.

After several investigation made on the accident happened in 2003, a major design fault came out and the group of Concord lovers is ready to install the changes in the new Concords to rectify the issues so that those can fly again. And hopefully in 2019 in London we can witness the re-production of history that is nothing but a will power of some crazy heads and hardcore Concord lovers. Seeing this famous aircraft in action and flying is an amazing experience. Many lovers of this plane have contacted the group to help them in this crazy project.

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