Crisis at Mogadishu Hotel in Somalia Ends

Mogadishu hotel bombing -They say that the scene at the hotel is terrifying as many dead bodies have been evacuated from the destroyed building.

The death toll is now 15 says new report, including Somalia’s ambassador to Geneva, the deputy mayor of Mogadihsu and two members of the parliament. Also among those killed were the guards, civilians and soldiers of the government at the Somali capital.

Mogadishu hotel bombing

It is however clear that Al-Shabaab planned and carried out the attack that left many dead. The Muslim extremists first exploded a car with the bomb near the gate and they mounted a siege. One of the terrorists also had explosives on his body that blew him up inside the hotel. The group has already claimed the attack and told Al Jazeera that they have killed 20 senior government officials.

The Hotel Maka Al Mukaram, where the attack was carried out still has four terrorists holed up inside the hotel as well as the roof. Security personnel stated that the militants shot their way inside the hotel on Friday afternoon and trapped the government officials. Some people have saved their lives by jumping out of the window. Those who made it safely said, the attackers were killing all those they could see and find.

A special US trained special force stormed in the evening of Friday and fought to gain control of the premises. Security forces are now searching booby traps and also fighters. The streets are now sealed off for the civilians and no one is allowed to enter. The government officials are now battling to have more control of the hotel as there are still a few surviving terrorists as well as people in the hotel. The gun fire is very much going on inside as the two destroyed cars are lying outside the hotel gates.

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