Death & Dosh Culture of Japan

Life and death is a part of one’s existence. Death is inevitable as known to everyone. We all have imagined life after death and have our own interpretations of it, for which religion media and writers play a major part in the formulation process. But have you ever thought of your death ceremony? How will it be? Who all will come? How will your coffin or urn be? If you are thinking that this writer here has gone loopy!! Who think and does all these, it’s the job of family members. Then wait don’t build an opinion until you read the whole thing.

Image Credits : http://goo.gl/I5Merc

Image Credits : http://goo.gl/I5Merc

Japan one of the technological hub in the world is also market of one of a kind death industry. Japan is aging fast and faces the rapid declining birth-rates. It’s on the verge of demographic crisis. The elderly outnumber children of under 15 to five is to one. Due to which a new kind of industry has emerged also called as “Death Industry”. This “Death Industry” is unique and provides various services. The industry also offers package i.e. funeral packages, consultants and also a dress rehearsal of the D-Day. The industry has market for a wide range of coffin – in various shapes size colour and comfort. Clothe of one’s wish. Urns or different kinds for the deceased, ceremony hall, guest list, caterers, florist, tomb stones etc. you can get everything here. And a consultant can guide you through if paid. Even there are death hotels like Lastel to accommodate the deceased in case of delay or over booking of the halls. Hotels like Lastel provide customized hotel rooms at minus degree and a adjacent room for the relative to give the deceased company. They also provide dress rehearsal of the funeral with the would-be deceased for their satisfaction. And guess what? Even monks are also on hire. The crypts are also customized and technologically advanced. At one temple in Tokyo at Shinjuku, thousands of tiny Buddha’s illuminated with LED lights represent the family crypts. It gets activated on a smart card given only to close family and friends. Shukatsu or the pictorial tour of one’s life is also on high demand.

By, 2060, the population is expected to fall by an additional one-third. And low number of marriage and mortality rate will lead Japan towards a huge catastrophe in the coming years. But on the other hand it is becoming a growing market for the businessmen. What may be a cause of worry to govt. is also be a cause of joy for another. Often the customers of death industry plan their own deaths. Strange! Kodokusi lonely deaths are a growing trend in Japan. The elderly people live alone saving the sense of being burden on the family and less number of marriages also leaves no one to care for them. A high portion of taxes are spent on the welfare of the old and retired by the govt. Cosmetic industry and Furnishing industry are the main revenue generators to the govt. easing off their burden. As a funeral can cost somewhat from 1000$ and can go up to lakhs. Single old chap is not considered as poor or bechara in japan in fact it is the sense of dignity and confidence.

Japan a country that can make money out of any and everything, even though death. So if you think you are good for nothing visit Japan. And also start thinking of your death.


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    Seriously…. Weird …. Completely flabbergasted…. Indeed Japan can make money out f everything….

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