Digital India Programme

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the Digital India Programme on Wednesday. The programme shall be helpful in building the bridge between the people who have digital access and the people who don’t have digital access. Apart from creating the bridge between the two fractions of people this programme shall also create many jobs. Our Prime Minister’s dream behind this programme is to upgrade our country technologically and provide platforms for innovation. The success of this programme shall bring the world at the fingertips of our children.


India has a huge population with many cultures and backgrounds and if the entire population is backed with upgraded technologies then India can hope to prosper and be one of the technologically upgraded countries. India has missed the industrial revolution as it was under the British colonial rule and due to which it stays behind as a developing country. India cannot afford to miss the IT revolution because if it does it shall lag behind from being one of the technologically upgraded and prosperous nations. Around 30 crore people of the country have access to internet which is a quite significant number. Also it is noteworthy that the people who don’t have any access to internet is also significant number.

These people who don’t have any access to internet should be technologically upgraded so that they can stand amidst the rapid changes around the globe. Also if transactions and processes are backed digitally then probabilities of corruption shall be reduced. It shall also enable Digital Locker, E-Education, E-Health and E-Sign. Digital locker shall reduce the administrative overheads of the Government.

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