Talks between two countries with opposite ideologies America and Cuba is about to begin. It seems that a century long rivalry is going to be finished soon. Barrack Obama as the President of America gave positive signals to communist Cuba.

Before a year also, everyone could bet that rivalry between these two countries would never end. But making all the predictions wrong, Cuba and America both the countries have taken necessary steps to melt the ice.

America and CubaRelation of America and Cuba

There were a lots of things unmatched between these two countries. Before a few months ago, America and Cuba agreed on some issues related to visas and Cuban cigarette import. After that, bureaucrats of Cuba and America exchanged a lot of information related to the migration visas and technology transfer related issues which were hung for last three decades.

America also showed patience and took the talking forward and the result of today- the visit of Cuban delegation in America is the sweet fruit of that patience.

Cuban delegation in America

This seems that these two countries are going to sign more than one pacts and MOU on the mutually agreed things and will take this thing forward to make the Gulf of Mexico calm.