The recently reported agony of the young IAS officer Riju Bafna doesn’t quite really shock me at the apathy of the incidence. Though it is appalling that all concerned are amongst the dignitaries of the bureaucracy; be it the victim, Riju Bafna; the guilty, Santosh Chaubey or the culprit, Lalit Sharma.

Distress of Dame

The cases of harassment at workplace or social gatherings are not uncommon. Surprising is the fact that in some self-assumed supremacy, a foolish man has the nerve to bother a lady to fancy his musings. There is no dignity in such advances which continue to cause discomfort after a subtle rejection and the followed warnings that fall on deaf ears. These incorrigible morons so confidently believe that the woman, presumably the weak gender, will not protest as she will succumb to the social pressure, or his superior power attributed to higher rank, or any such similar nuisance. This fearlessness much aired by log kya kehenge taboos for the victim is primal emboldening factor in such crimes.

The kinds and types of these unnerving crimes vary from a travel in a bus or train, to a lusty neighbour or colleague or classmate, or a disguised relative or a friend, or an unknown stalker. These incidences are epidemically spread in villages, small towns and cities or the much-hyped metros. None seem to realize that they (the male gentry) compulsorily owe a certain optimum degree of respect for the other gender, and a rightly decent social conduct, by virtue of their very own existence in the society.

It saddens to see that no amount of education or good rank or exposure seems to guarantee to eliminate these hidden but common crimes. I wonder how feeble is the percentage of women like the beautiful but bold, Riju Bafna, who dwell in confidence and strength, but for right reasons.

Such silly men have to mandatorily soak in our value-system, and learn from their socially sound mates, to respect woman and not mistreat them. The woman have to shed off all pressures, and learn to fight their battles fearlessly. Immaterial of gender, one must raise a voice against any misdoings towards self or others. Miscreants need to be punished, male or female. Voices need to be heard and not silenced. The whole societal system has to be made accountable and responsible, to ensure safety and soundness.

For centuries women equality and empowerment has been discussed and debated. I personally am a strong advocate of equality, wherein I firmly believe in the concept of ‘Society of Gentlemen & Gentlewomen’; where there are no benefits to either gender as I consider both are equally competent. The deletion of these benefits eliminate the ground for any arising obligation or presumption of supremacy or any dependence. One may establish various heads for scoreboard of superiority; but resultant would be equality on conclusive summation.

Right to be treated with dignity and respect is fundamental, and no element shall challenge this!

*Note: This article intends to address only the misfits of society; as there are much other platforms to praise the gentle and courteous kinds.