Egypt to Build New Capital: Egypt is planning to build a new capital to the east of the Cairo. Though the name of the new capital of Egypt has not revealed yet, it’s going to be big and a smart city for sure. Government official is very much hopeful about building the new capital of their country.

Egypt to build new capital

Why Egypt is building new capital

Egypt is building a new city as their capital for many reasons but the strong one is to decrease the mass pressure from Cairo. Present population of Cairo is about 1.8 million and expecting that within 40 or 50 years it is going to be doubled. Then, a new town or city will be needed for the population. That’s why the are planning to expand their capital city and make a new one at east side of the present capital.

Design of the new capital of Egypt

Design of the new eastern capital of Egypt is almost complete. It’s designed as the sustainable city or smart city. Area will be about 700 square kilometers and will have more than 2000 schools and colleges and more than 600 healthcare centers.

Size of the Egypt’s new Capital

First of all, we need to understand that this is not a town planning. Egypt is looking forward to make a new capital city! The size of the new capital of Egypt will be more than Singapore! Yes that means more than 700 square kilometers!

Airports of the New capital of Egypt

You can’t imagine, how they have prepared their project for new capital! Yes. We are talking about the airports for the new proposed capital of Egypt. According to the plan the city will have two airports and one of them will be bigger than Heathrow!

Funding For Egypt’s New capital   

For building the new capital of Egypt, 30 billion dollar capital is needed and it will take five years to build if works go in full fledged. Here, Egypt is going to bend because it’s not possible to build the capital for Egypt alone. That’s why they are looking for funding. Billionaires from Qatar agreed to pay 12 billion Dollars. But still they need 18 billion Dollar to start the ambitious project to build new a Cairo.