Elections in Israel result in a resounding win for Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be continuing in office for another term. He beat his opponents and their much-publicized campaign against him and recorded a clear victory in the elections in Israel held recently.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won elections in Israel  Of the 120 seats that the elections in Israel were held for, Netanyahu and his party were able to win 29 seats. The Zionist Union Alliance, the chief competitor and rival of Netanyahu came in a close second with 24 seats. The reports coming from Tel Aviv suggest that Netanyahu’s party has the seats needed to form the government for the next term and will be choosing to keep Netanyahu, their face, as the leader.

The final reports are yet to come in, but with over 90% votes already tallied, the Likud party, which Netanyahu represents, is in a strong position and will most likely form the next government.

Netanyahu, who has served three terms as the Prime Minister of Israel, will be coming back for a fourth term if the poll tallies so far are any indicator.

Earlier polls had shown that the Zionist Union was leading, but the last-minute campaign by Netanyahu turned things around for his company. He vowed to his Israeli countrymen that as long as he was in office there would never be a Palestinian state. His words sure seem to have worked, and the recovery of Likud by the end of the elections has been phenomenal, to say the least.

A key point to note is that a lot of right-wing parties in Israel have won seats as well and are highly likely to support Netanyahu and his party. This will allow Netanyahu to form a coalition government, which will be free of the ideological differences which had plagued his previous government, possibly giving him a chance to do things differently this time around.

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