EU Ministers To Meet For “Migrant” Issue and Crisis

Europe is on the hot pot of surging tension of Syrian refugees. In France, Germany, Sweden, Spain and Croatia they are urging for settlement. But after Paris attack clouds of uncertainties are winding up on this. European countries decided to settle refugees according to the norms of EU refugee settlement law. But before proceeding EU ministers are to hold a meeting on this regard. Situation seems to be very unfavorable as France and some other countries like Belgium will oppose the issue of “settlement of Syrian refugees in European countries”.

Ministers of state of European Union’s countries are to join in a high level meeting to discuss the security issues after Paris attack. Belgium is already under pressure as one link found with one of the terrorist. All the ministers are going to meet to step up security measures and on the migrants’ issues as some countries like Hungary is against of taking immigrants. Hence this is going to be crucial meeting for the Shenzhen countries and as well as for the migrants from Syria.

EU minister meet for Paris and Migrants issue

German intelligence department has warned all the European countries for a “Terrorist World War”. They stated “ISIS has made Europe its enemy and may target any city anytime, that’s why it’s important to check immigrant flow from Middle East. Terrorists may invade easily”.

Syrian civil war led millions of immigrants to come in Europe. Many people from North Africa also came to Croatia to find shelter. But now the clouds of uncertainty are over their heads.

Croatia is on the side to help migrants and settle them into EU countries while countries like Hungary is on the opponent side and they are not willing to face another Paris in their countries. Sweden at first batted for the same Croatia are doing but now they are against it and don’t want to take them into their countries.

Fate of the people spending time in refugee centres across the Europe is waiting for the moment Europe’s ministers’ decision. ISIS attack leaves 129 people dead and 300 wounded and anything like Paris can happen anytime in Europe. This fear leave them in vacuum. Heavy police mobilization takes place in France as search for ISIS synthesizers and linkmen has started across the France. 14 people have arrested as of now. Searches in countryside areas have started.

After the blast in Paris, Brussels is half shut down and armed police forces are searching for the another one who is hiding in Belgium’s capital. School, colleges and maximum offices have been shut down as there is a fear that anything like Paris can be happened anytime in Brussels also. In between Paris decided to take on ISIS and started air strikes on key ISIS targets in Syria. Tension with Syrian refugees are surging up in US also as US have passed a bill against Syrian refugee settlement in US.

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