Facebook Considers “Time Spent on News Feeds Reading” To Make Itself More Relevant for Visitors


Facebook is now going to be more interesting and useful.

The social media website “Facebook” is going to be more interesting for visitors. The website will provide real-time updates of news feeds so that the visitors get more engaging, latest and exciting news feed content. Facebook will monitor the time that visitors spend on the website’s “news feeds” on their timelines and will then update the timelines with new and similar news feeds and items to make them more relevant for the visitors.

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Facebook till now had certain exciting, unique, innovative and user absorbing features like post sharing, comment sharing and the Facebook “likes” that added to its popularity. These features also add tons to the website reach and growth as people can easily post anything on their timelines and can comment on any topic, picture, news, etc. The new feature of time monitoring will be a new set to the Facebook user cupboard and will provide the most real time, live and relevant information to the website visitors.

The Facebook newsroom is of the view that the importance of a news feed cannot be judged by the number of likes, comments or shares it gets. People many-a-times see the post, read it but refrain from commenting on it as these news are generally sensitive issues and the readers and website visitors have no idea or very little of their origins and causes mostly.

So, the next time you log on to Facebook, you may witness to a whole new news feed reading experience. The posts and news feed that you will stop to while browsing will be considered and noted by the Facebook timeline. The stories that had your wider attention span and for which you stayed on the website for more time will be noted on the website. Next, the website will show you other similar news items and feeds (on your timeline page) that resemble or are in relation to the news feed that you found grasping and worth wasting your time for.

The new feature is likely to take Facebook to new popularity heights by making it a more interesting and user-oriented website. This new real-time news feed enthralling experience will reach the website visitors in a few weeks from now.

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