Facebook Is Expanding Its Reach To News Articles

Most people love to explore Facebook for latest updates and news. And now users can get more news as the social media giant is introducing new features to  grab news instantly.

facebook instant articles

Facebook is soon launching a new feature named “Instant Articles” to provide news providers to create interactive content that can be easily shared and read on Facebook using a mobile device.

A few popular news networks including the New York Times, National Geographic, the Guardian Buzzfeed, and the BBC will use this feature to host their articles on the Facebook server and their articles will appear instantly on the Facebook. Users need not wait for the links for getting news.

According to the Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox, the most interesting factor here is the speed. Via this feature, Facebook will provide interesting tools to make content more   engaging.  Publishers can upload photos, videos, autoplayed, popup charts, maps etc.

According to the Facebook, this feature will help to boost traffic on the news websites and also they will get 100% ad revenue from any adverts they promote. However, if the adverts are sold through Facebook’s ad network, then there will be a 70:30 revenue sharing format. In addition, Facebook is also allowing publishers to collect data about users using same tracking tools used by them on their own websites.

In fact, publishers have no option than to cooperate Facebook as it has more than 1.4 billion users across the world. The Facebook will start its pilot run for this feature from Wednesday. It will start with a few articles, but will expand soon. With the help of Instant Articles, content will load 10 times faster and it will be an attraction for impatient Smartphone users.

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