Flash Floods in South Asia

Get you umbrellas and supplies ready with you. It can be your turn next. Komen a cyclone originated in the Bay of Bengal has been affecting the lives of people across Indian sub-continent over a week now.  Not leaving a single coastal nation in the region untouched or should rather say Dry. Already there has been a high alert in the region and volunteers from all over the world is pouring in the region and helping the disaster relief team across the sub-continent. A committee from the United Nations has also been sent on Monday to analyze and report about this catastrophe to the head office.

Flash Floods in South Asia

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Philippines – Intertropical Convergence Zone affected over 122,000 people in six provinces of Mindanao. As per last week’s report, 12 people died damaging 65 homes and crops in acres of land in the region.

Myanmar – According to the Government’s Emergency Operation Centre, the flood situation affecting Rakhine State, Tanintharyi Region, Kayin State, Ayeyarwaddy Region and Bago. Among these Rakhine state has been affected the most. Till now 20 people have died and 14,000 people directly affected by the flood.

Bangladesh – No detail report has been released by the government of Bangladesh, but it has been estimated that about 200 people has been affected directly by the flood. Bandarban, Chittagong is the only few of the flood affected region in the country till date.

Pakistan – almost 5 regions Pakhtun, Khyber, Balochistan, Punjab and Sindh has been affected because of the sudden  rise in the rivers of Indus & Jhelum due to continuous heavy rains. 30000 people are cut off from the mainland and 69 killed as reported by the national media.

 Afghanistan – Kofab district of Badakhshan province was only province to be affected this time killing 6 people, earlier in July Shuhada district in badakshan province nearly affected 300 people in the nation.

India- Till now it seems that India has been the worst hit by flash flood among all the neighboring nations.  Parts of Gujarat, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Odhisa, Jharkhand, Manipur, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Tripura are worst hit till now. Large parts of these states are submerged under water killing 90 people and displacing more than 4 lakh. Sikkim and Meghalaya faced heavy landslides due to rain hampering the connectivity. Large area of cultivated land submerge in the water affecting the sowed crops later will inflate the prices of them.

Every nation is working full heartedly for the relief of the disaster affect areas. Government disaster relief departments along with the local N.G.Os are coordinating to provide relief to the people in the flood-hit areas. Hundreds of relief camps funded by the states and international organizations are running across the nations. In the hard times like this we all need to come together and help the fellow citizens inside our nation and neighboring nations for the love of humanity. You can start with donating, food, clothes, money or even by volunteering in the flood-hit region.  Cause you never know may be next; it will be you on the other side tomorrow.  So let’s start helping today.

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  1. Ashish kumar jha says:

    Lack f proper drainage system in dese key areas r d main reason for dese floods…. Its horrendous to see DAT local municipalities in each f dese areas hvn’t done anything to improve d scenario

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