Forbes list 2015: Indian PM Grabs the 9th Position

The men and women who are featured on Forbes’ annual ranking of the World’s most powerful people are the 0.00000001% of the global elite whose activities move the globe. These heads of state, financiers, philanthropists and entrepreneurs truly run the world.

The list consists of people from different walks of life who are then assessed on different kinds of powers they exercise. First is the power that a leader has over his/her people. Pope Francis, who is a spiritual leader, is ranked fourth taking this into consideration.

Second are the financial resources that the leaders control. Thirdly, it is determined that the leader is powerful in different spheres and is actively involved in using their powers.

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With Vladimir Putin topping the list for the third consecutive year to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi being placed at the ninth position, the Forbes list of most powerful people of the world has been a revelation. The list has witnessed about a few changes from the list of 2014 that had Bill Gates at seventh position to now at sixth, Barack Obama was at the second position but this year he has come step below to the third position. One more interesting entrant is of Angela Merkel of Germany at the second position who also happens to be the second most powerful woman.

With all the personalities tossing their position from one place to the other within the top ten positions, Indian PM jumps from the fifteenth position in 2014 to ninth place in 2015. This is one of the major attractions of the new list.

Narendra Modi headed over 7.4% GDP growth in the first year of his office. He also heaved up his position as a global leader with his official visits with known worldwide leaders like Barack Obama of United States of America and Xi Jinping of China.

Having the Indian PM at the top ten lists is a boost for the Indian position. It sends out a strong message of India moving ahead and leading in various arenas of global politics. India’s constant interactions with different countries and Narendra Modi’s attempts to increase India’s value in the international arena via Make in India, the conclusion of the recent India-Africa Summit Forum 2015, Indo- US Nuclear deal, her demand for permanent membership in the UN Security Council, her contribution in taking part for the fulfilment of Millennium Development Goals, Land Boundary agreement with Bangladesh etc has enhanced his image as a leader not only within India, nut internationally as well. This also shows his strong decision-making power and the will to act promptly.

Thus, this recognition of the Indian PM reflects India’s growing popularity in the world over and also reflects his charisma as a political leader.

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