France started its military campaign against Islamic State of Syria and Iraq. After Paris attack it launches its air strikes in Syria. US President Barrack Obama says that USA is ready join fight against ISIS but they will not intervene with ground military force. France has released its first military offensive against Islamic State (IS) militants from its Charles de Gaulle carrier, French military report stated. The newly-deployed aircraft carrier has 26 fighter jets, mostly Dassault jets, doubling French attacking power.


5 Arrested in Belgium

French President Francois Hollande has actually promised to make the strikes vs Islamic State intensified in Syria as well as Iraq after the IS militants it was behind the deadly terrorist attack in Paris. Belgian cops meanwhile stated they had arrested 5 even more individuals in anti-terrorism raids.

Hollande to Meet Cameron, Markel and Putin

France stepped up its battles of IS following the terror attack on Paris, where 130 individuals were killed without any reason. On Monday, Mr Hollande has met British Prime Minister David Cameron for talks as part of a fresh diplomatic start between the both countries. He will also meet the leaders of the US, Germany as well as Russia today.

Mr Hollande said-

“We will heighten our strikes, picking targets that will certainly do high damage to the international terrorists- ISIS”

Britain-France Starts Military intelligence cooperation

The two leaders agreed to improve co-operation on countering international terrorism, consisting of enhanced data-sharing as well as sharing of airline records. Mr Cameron provided his support for Mr Hollande as well as claimed it was his firm conviction that Britain should also be striking IS in Syria.

Previously, Mr Hollande and Mr Cameron went to the Bataclan opera house, where at the very least 89 people were killed in firing by the terrorists.

This is simply the beginning of Mr Hollande’s week of diplomacy. The focus in each conference will be a little different. Security pressures in both France and also Belgium have been humiliated by revelations that key suspects behind the Paris attacks walked around easily in the weeks leading up to the attacks, and also in the days after that, even passing through checkpoints with obvious convenience.

Russia-France, a New Beginning

As well as hanging over all the discussion of military and technical co-ordination is the evasive objective of a political remedy in Syria that can assist eliminate the militants’ region and source of income. That’s most likely to be main point to Thursday’s talks in Moscow, between Mr Hollande and Vladimir Putin, his 4th President in as lots of days. As experts explain, France continues polite connections to Russia, its allies of NATO. The Belgian capital, Brussels, at the same time stays on the highest degree of fear alert for a third day.

Colleges, schools and large establishments, shopping centres as well as the metro system will certainly stay shut on Monday, following revived warnings of militant attack. Soldiers are patrolling the roads of the capital. Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said that everything was being done to return the city to normal as promptly as feasible – but the authorities was afraid a repeat of the attack in Paris. Brussels has been on lockdown all weekend amidst a manhunt for Salah Abdeslam.