After a month long search, some fuselage of Airasia plane QZ8501, has been found in Java Sea today. Search agencies and joint search teams of Indonesia and Singapore had found the black box and on board recorder earlier. Now they are in search for the body of the plane and bodies.

Fuselage of Airasia Plane Found In Java Sea

Picture taken by underwater vehicle MV Swift

As of now, only few bodies are found in the sea, but search agencies are hopeful that they will find out the bodies soon.

How Fuselage of Airasia Plane Found:

A major progress happened today; a remote operated underwater vehicle called MV Swift identified a wing and a major part of the plane body. It is considering as the prime progress in finding of plane and bodies of the victims.

Search operation of the Airasia plane QZ8501, got the speed since some camera attached underwater vehicles deployed in the search program. A portion of Airasia’s slogan “Now Everyone Can Fly” has been seen during the underwater investigation.

Indonesian search team’s chief Bambang Soelistyo said that crews and divers will be deployed tomorrow for deep search in the area where debris of that Airasia plane is found.

All of the plane crews and passengers were killed where maximum of them are Indonesian. As of now forty eight bodies are recovered from the sea, but according to the searcher there are more than 50 bodies strapped with the seats though another member of joint action team said that it was not clear whether the bodies are inside or not.

What is the next plan of action:

If it is not too heavy, we may lift the whole piece and evacuate the victims and if it’s too heavy, we may then swim into the fuselage and pull out the bodies one by one before lifting it” said Mr Supriyadi.

Map of the region where fuselage of Airasia plane found

MAP: Where the fuselage of Airasia found

Within a mile apart where the recorder found, fuselage is found today. After analyzing the visual, specialists said that it could be 100 feet long. The plane was 120 feet long. So this time they are thinking that they have found the main body of the plane and are hoping that they will discover the bodies soon.

The joint operation team decided to go on deep search with divers and underwater vehicles tomorrow as it captured some useful images and videos of fuselage of Airasia plane that helped the search teams to plan the whole mega search of tomorrow and they are willing to put a successful full stop on the sea search program hopefully, though only after the black box data are analyzed, main reason will come out and we will get the answer of “Why did the Airasia plane QZ8501 crashed into the Java sea?”