A Latest Multipurpose Device – Till now we had smart watches and fitness tracker watches. The new wearable Vivoactive from Garmin is partly a smart watch and partly a fitness tracker. Vivoactive is a GPS-enabled watch which can make a call, text messages and show other notifications by combining with your cell phone. The watch can also present to you detailed data regarding bike rides, swimming times, runs/ jogs and even golf games. The cost of the watch is $250. If you further want to monitor your heart rate through the watch, then you will have to purchase a compatible heart strap that costs $50.


Vivoactive has Garmin’s new app called Connect IQ. You can use the App for customizing the watch’s setting. The watch is waterproof and can track door swimming data. Not many smart watches provide you indoor swimming data. The watch tracks sleep duration.  It also has a backlight button which can be used during dark.


The watch is very sleek and is only 8 millimeters thick. The data presented on the watch screen is very easy to read as its square screen is sufficiently large. Wearing and using the watch is effortless.

 User Friendliness

The watch has a simple user interface. At the start, you need to download the Garmin Express Software on the watch by connecting it to the online Garmin account. Then you need to sign in your account for downloading the software. For getting your smart phone notifications on the watch (for example text messages and Face book alerts) you must first download the Garmin Connect mobile application. Then you need to pair your smart phone with Vivoactive via the application.

Vivoactive automatically syncs your workout and daily activities data via Bluetooth to the Garmin connect mobile app. You can sync data on your computer via Garmin Express software.

Sports Metrics Reading

Runners and cyclists can use Vivoactive for measuring and analyzing metrics like pace, distance, speed and elevation. It can also measure heart rate when combined to a heart rate monitor. The watch also measures golf metrics like shot distance, yardage of layup arcs and front, doglegs etc. In the pool the watch can track stroke rate, number of laps covered, total distance covered, pace swimming efficiency etc.


The battery of the watch lasts for 3 weeks on a single charge when you do not use GPS or do not receive notifications on it via Bluetooth. But if you use lots of watch functions, then the battery lasts for only 5 days.