The database tables in Salesforce are called objects. The objects are of two types Standard and custom. When any brand new Salesforce Org is unwrapped, there is some functionality already set up there which is called standard object like Accounts, Contacts or Cases. But when you want to use some functionality which suits your business needs, you need to create custom objects in Salesforce. The custom objects contain all the same components like standard objects. Salesforce has given you the ability for creating custom objects in Salesforce as needed by your business.

How To Go About Creating Custom Objects In Salesforce

Creating custom objects in Salesforce

Creating custom objects in Salesforce is very easy. So let us go over the steps for creating a custom object called Products.

  • Log into your Salesforce developer org and click Setup/Create/Objects.
  • Click ‘New custom object’ at the top of the page which opens the wizard.
  • In the field ‘Label’ enter the singular version of the object name. Here this comes as ‘Product’.
  • In the Plural field enter the plural version of the object name which is ‘Products’ here.
  • Enter a short description of the objet in the Description field. This is a good practice which makes a habit of providing a description for everything you create.
  • If you want to make changes for allowing auto number as the name, make changes in the ‘Enter Record Name label and Format’ section. For this-
  • Choose ‘Auto Number’ in the data type field’.
  • In the Display Format field, enter Products –{000000}
  • Enter 1 in the starting number field
  • You can check the boxes like Allow reports, Allow Activities, Track Field History as required in the Optional Features
  • Confirm that all boxes are checked in the Object Classification
  • Check both boxes in Object Creation Options Hit Save and your custom object is ready

Viewing custom objects

After we have gone through the process of creating custom objects in Salesforce, you should know that you can manage these objects like other objects in Salesforce. Accessing a custom objects is different from accessing a standard object which is a notable point. Custom objects are found in the Objects section of Salesforce menu under the Create menu within Setup while standard objects are listed under Customize menu. Salesforce automatically create three fields Created by, Last Modified by and Name field.

In actual, you are not done with just creating custom objects in Salesforce. To make your custom object useful and meaningful, you need to create custom fields to track related data and build some relationships to other objects in order to create and maintain a meaningful data.