Gone Girls of Nigeria, To Never Return

The constant media-stopper of 2014, Boko Haram’s ingloriousness is no novel to the country of Nigeria. However, with lamentableness, Amnesty International stated that under the bane of this heinous jihadi,   the past 2014 had snatched somewhat 2,000 women and girls from Nigeria. 

Girls seized 365 days back are not yet back, and to mark the rueful 1st Anniversary, Amnesty released “Boko Haram’s reign of terror”. Not only abduction, it documented the whole inhumane episode Boko Haram played in 2014, including the bloodshed of 5,550 civilians.

School girls from the town of Chibok, who accounts for a very small proportion of those abducted, campaigned “Bring back our girls”. They sought to circulate their going-through worldwide.

Michelle Obama_Bring Back Our Girls


Face to face talk with the administrators of NGO narrated of regular execution of men and boys, while, abduction, rape, and imprisonment of girls and women. To top, some are impelled to marry and participate in the armed attacks of their own towns.

“Recent military successes might spell the beginning of the end for Boko Haram, but there is a huge amount to be done to protect civilians, resolve the humanitarian crisis and begin the healing process,” said Salil Shetty, Amnesty International’s Secretary General.

Aisha, 19 shared her breath-taking story about how she was kidnapped from a friend’s marriage. Not only she, but her sister, the bride, and the bride’s sister too underwent the disgrace. A week after their seizure, bride and the bride’s sister forcibly, had to tie their knot to the militants of the group, and Aisha learnt, undesirably, to attack her own town.

What sends chills to one’s spine is the other half that explained how frequently she was raped in those three months duration. She lamented that those in defiance to Islamic conversion and mass killing, were cemented in graves.

A major city in Northern Nigeria, Bama was demolished nearly 70%, as imaged under the satellite. Having had Bama’s control, the Jhadis imposed severe punishments to the inhabitants, if seen deflected from their rules.

The International Criminal Court would consider the documentation filed by Amnesty.

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