Google Chrome now Equipped with New Account Switcher

Previously you don’t need to open Incognito window for your friend or guest so that they can get access to internet without interfering with  your account. Now Google Chrome is equipped with new account switcher which also includes guest mode. With Guest mode your friend can get access to chrome without seeing your account or tabs, after they have closed their tab, your friends browsing history will be deleted from your computer.

Google Chrome Now Equipped with New Account SwitcherTo enable guest mode click on your account name on top right corner of Chrome -> Switch Person -> Browse as Guest.

enable guest mode on Google ChromeYou need to update your Google Chrome to get New Account Switcher. Before this update you have to click your account name and a list of other account will come up. It was easier to switch account in old version, however this update makes it time consuming and requires three clicks to switch account.

If you have 8+ accounts in your chrome browser then it requires 4 clicks, since you need to click Maximize to see all accounts.You can add multiple accounts, for this goto account switcher tab click on switch person and then add person.

You can disable this new feature if you prefer old account switcher, just follow below steps. 

  • Type chrome://flags in Chrome URL bar.
  • Ctrl+F or Search for Enable new profile management system, change drop-down option to Disabled, restart chrome.

If you want to keep this new account switcher functionality along with fastest option to switch account then after first step above search for “Enable fast user switching in the avatar menu”  and Click Enable. This will bring both old and new account switcher option in one and suggested by many.

Account Switching is helpful for those who keep up more than one Google account, such as one for business and other for personal usage. Account switching functionality is the most important feature of Google Chrome, loved by many webmasters.

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