Google develops Ebola proof tablet for aid workers in west Africa. Can you imagine a tablet that can withstand high chlorine wash and high humid exposures? Yes, Google’s new tablet which is featured as Sony xperia. Google is well known for their path-breaking products. But this time they invented a truly amazing call enabled tablet.

Google's Ebola proof tablet for aid workers

Google’s Ebola Proof Tablet

Google’s new Ebola proof tablet is made of highly durable poly carbonate casing. This tablet has a waterproofing quality as same as we see in industrial water proofing technology. Design of this Ebola proof tablet is unique also. All the sharp edges are removed to protect it from water or spill.

This tablet can be used by wearing three or four layers gloves and can withstand in 0.5 per cent Chlorine solution for 15 minutes (This Chlorine solution is used ti kill Ebola Viruses).

Another interesting feature of this new Ebola proof tablet that it can be charged wireless (It has a wireless charger).

What can be more effective if an aid worker can use tablet wearing several gloves in hands and can wash the tablet for normal use! Google’s new invention is going to be proved as medicated tablet series and perhaps for the first time in the tablet history.