Google glass which is one of the Gen Next products of Google may come to an end as Google is planning to close Google Glass production! That’s surely not a rumour as Google also officially confirms it another way.

Google is planning to close Google Glass production

Google is to stop Google Glass production ans sales worldwide

Why Google is planning to close the Google Glass project:

Google said that they will concentrate on designing and creating new futuristic eye wear and will close the up gradation and sales of Google Glass across the world.

Google is to close Google Glass Project

Google’s Official Announcement

When the Google Glass project started:

Google Glass project was started in 2013 in United States of America. Then it went very popular as it brought new ideas and windows of information technologies and the use of IT in today’s life through a simple eyewear.

Right after United Sates of America Google launched the Google Glass in United Kingdom and in the rest of the Europe. An event was also organized by the Google in California to check the performance of their newly developed device. About 500 Google Glass holders met and participate in a five mile long beach run.

Google also made the program of Google Glass detached from the main stream research line “Blue Sky” project and made that individual. This is to check performance and viability of the project.

User complains of Google Glass:

Many users of Google Glass complained that it did not come out as it promised to be. It was a technology that provides information through a transparent fiber glass attached at the right corner of the spectacle. But it does not move with the motion of eye balls. So sometimes it becomes irritating in practical use.

Closing the project of Google Glass and Future Steps:

We always expect something new and something innovative from Google because we are used to it that Google always comes up with all new technology. So what could be next? Google decided to close the Google Glass project….And they are focusing in developing new and advanced eyewear. They may unveil that in coming 15th September 2015.

So Google’s plan is to start a whole new project on wearable technology that will lead to close Google Glass project and will bring their upcoming advanced Google Glass.