Google will launch Uber style Taxi Service

Tech giant Google may launch Uber style taxi service in some cities. It will surely create a rivalry with Uber. One thing is not clear why Google is coming on app (Android, Windows and iOS) focused taxi service directly, while Google itself has the majority stake in Uber.

In aiming to start modern cabs services worldwide, Google testes its driverless car in 2010 and has been developing the accurate technology for seamless driving experience.

Google will launch Uber like app based taxi service

Google is launching app based cab service soon

Google is testing on an app based taxi service which is being provided to their staffs in a run of pilot project. They have released a screenshot of that.

Uber is more of Google & Less of Uber:

In 2013, Google has invested over 250 million dollar in Uber. But it is not clear why they are creating such an astonishing atmosphere for Uber.

Uber is operating in more than 300 cities worldwide. This is the worlds leading app based taxi service provider that recently faced a lot of controversies in New Delhi and Thailand after an Uber driver found accused in rape of a woman. The service resumed after a month.

Google’s Advantages over Uber:

Google has been working on driving map and safety features of pilotless cab services. Now it seems that Google is going to introduce its own driverless app based taxi service soon. If it goes all right then that will be the rival of front runner Uber cab service.

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