GPS Tracking Devices for Cars

Small businesses need to always keep in mind the ultimate outcome of their work and accordingly track their workers and vehicles. It is often difficult for such companies to manage their business without proper tracking of the performance and work done.

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Often, due to leniency unnecessary additional expenses arise. However, if you keep a track, you can prevent the same from happening.

Here is a list of GPS Devices you must check out to help your business:

GPS Tracking Devices for Cars

LMU 3030: This is an easy to install and simple to plug in GPS tracking device. It provides you with custom alerts as well as geo-fencing alerts and is driver behavior compatible. Additionally, you get 13 months of data which can be stored in the cloud. The device has a good battery backup and is highly sensitive as a tracking device.

GPS Tracking Devices for Cars

SmartOne Tracker: This one has got some additional features which includes global report capabilities and is weather proofed. It is a device which lasts for long enough to save you the expenses of changing it; comes handy with a replaceable battery.

GPS Tracking Devices for Cars

Garmin Nuvi 3790T: From the 3700 series, the Nuvi 3790T is a sleek and slender model, with an amazing touch screen and features in perfect sync with the outside. It allows you to make voice commands and supports for easy typing. Additional features include lane assist, traffic alerts, hands-free and Garmin ecoRoute.

LMU 2720

LMU 2720: The first highlighting feature of this app is its Garmin compatibility along with hardware installation to be done carefully. It has Geofencing and custom alerts couple with monitoring and modification of driver behavior. Like the LMU 3030, it also has 13 months of data storage in the cloud and all in all is a highly sensitive GPS with accuracy.

TTU – 2830

TTU – 2830: With configuration done over the air and a 3 – axis accelerometer, the IP66 sealed TTU – 2830 is a GPS device with an ultra low powered safe mode for usage. It is an easy to use and a highly modified GPS device with super sensitive tracking and is composed of a 3.8 Ah battery.

GT02 GPS Tracker

GT02 GPS Tracker: Trucks comprise a major part of shipping and transporting vehicle. The truck tracker is an ideal for small business. It comes with real-time maps and has a warranty for two years along with it. From troubleshooting to various side key functions, the device has it all.

Using GPS devices does not increase only the accuracy of your work, but it also helps you increases sales productivity. By making use of the above devices stated, you can very well make your small scale business competitive and turn it bigger too!

So this is it from the list of must have GPS devices for your small business vehicles. They are easy to use and inexpensive too. From mini trucks to cars, and other transport involved. The GPS devices have you well covered for any kind of assistance with check and discipline control in your fleet of transport.

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