Growth in India Denotes More Crimes, Acid Attacks Rise Yet Again

2014 might have zoomed out, but the scars it gave to some 309 souls would never zoom out, until their last breath. To put it in numbers, 309 of acid attacks compute a 300% rise in 3 yrs, a matter of sheer shame for India it is.

83, 85, and 66 were the reported cases for the years 2011, 2012, and 2013, but 2014 showed an astonishing figure of 309, a never happened scenario.

Growth in India Denotes More Crimes, Acid Attacks Rise Yet Again

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Not known was such distressing news, until the Ministry Of Home Affairs on March 14 concluded so. The representatives from the centre and state governments assembled the data to quantify them, assisted by the National Crime Records Bureau.

Under the order of the Social Justice Bench of the Supreme Court, the meeting was convened to hear PILs of acid attack cases. Madan B Lokur and Uday U Lalit, the justices who undertook the meeting instructed the centre to file a compact affidavit on the number of acid attacks. In conjunction with this, discussed were the points of treatment, compensation and rehabilitation of the victims.

 Uttar Pradesh topped the list with the unreported cases of 185, followed by 53 in Madhya Pradesh. Out of the seven UTs, alone Delhi had the cases reported, accounting for 27 cases last year.

309 cases occurred, but hands under handcuffs turned out to be 416 (total of 208 arrests). The topper, UP witnessed no arrests for 66 such cases while 7 out of 27 underwent arrests in Delhi. The previous three years had 336 arrests, whereas a total of cases witnessed were 234.

Apart from the statistics, the panel, on the basis of a study conducted by the National Commission for Women, scooped out the causes that led to acid attacks. Punishment, revenge and personal rivalry were the major reasons behind such cruel act. Maximum of the 25 cases were by rejected wooer. Three of them were husbands’ attack on their wives.

The filed affidavit ensured stringent law enforcement by lodging a FIR instantly. Along with that, immediate treatment for victims was assured with no refusal from any hospital.

Members of the centre and state government are in content to issue orders for the payout of 3 lakh to victims. The best of all suggestions that came was the recovery of this money from the convicts and prisoners’ wages. Acid soon may be declared as a scheduled material to prevent its sale in the counters.

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