Gun Battle in Mexican City Reynosa over Drugs Trafficking

A dangerous gun battle started in one of the border city of Mexico- Reynosa. Maximum roads and highways are blocked and residents and commuters are given warning and advised not to use those roads. Mexican army and border police are patrolling the city. There is no report of casualties till now.

Gun Battle in Mexican City Reynosa

Why the Gun Battle Started in Mexican City Reynosa

The gun battle started over drug trafficking. Burning pics of local buses are also seen in some social medias. The main reason behind the outbreak of street fighting is the arrest of a drug cartel leader. EI Gafe is the name of the leader. Though he is little known, he is one of the main leader of drug trafficking teams in Reynosa as maximum cartel leaders are now dead or jailed.

US consulate warns every American in the city to remain in doors and to take supreme cautions. EI Gafe came in front of the scene after the arrest of Mario Armando Ramirez Trevino who was known as X-20 also.

Gulf Cartels and Los Zetas are arch rivals and they engage in fighting very often. These two groups try to rule the strategic commercial point because this city has border with US.

The most interesting point is that, Cartrels and Zetas are former army commandos who are engaged in trafficking of drugs now.

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