Gurdaspur Attack: Another Despair

A terror attack in any part of the country is painful because innocent lives are lost, be it a civilian or a security personnel. The tragedy of Gurdaspur of 27th July took toll on 7 lives; 3 unaware civilians, 4 martyred policeman, for a revenge they did not sow. The 3 malefic militants, with will to kill, lost to the bravehearts eventually, after an indiscriminate battle that lasted nearly 11 hours. It has again shook the political machinery, yet again, which is left squabbling on who takes the blame. Does a terrorist attack intend to do only that, or do these (arguably) fearless men succeed in crippling the lives of many; the ones who die, the ones who begin to live in fear, the ones who are left to heal, or the fellowmen who continue to risk their lives every day to do their bit to save their brethren.
Is it so that identifying the group associated with each such attack is a statistical compulsion or an extremely useful information for the Intelligence agencies to rally upon the next move of terrorists or a red signal for governments to officially announce a high alert. Because for me, the citizen of this country, any attack is ‘ATTACK’; the fear and disappointment is the same when it is in Kashmir, Kargil, Mumbai or Assam; the resentment is the same if it is LeT, ISI, IM, Maoists or Khalistanis. Neither does the religion of terrorist matter to me because he has failed his own faith when he chose such a heinous path. The peace remains challenged, forever! Gurdaspur did not suffer because of its proximity to Indo-Pak border; because in such case, the metro cities and all central country would be a peaceful heaven to stay in., but it is not so. The face of the crime does not define its impact.
At such crisis, the befitting assurance that the people of India, of all regions (I insist on ALL), wish to hear is not that we shall not play cricket now with our neighbours or give a befitting reply or the capability of opposition to list the present government’s failure to prevent attack (not that the country hasn’t witnessed such attacks in their reign). What is the befitting reply and when we as a nation, who has always kept our Gandhian principles high, conclude on a suitable reply. How many more lives shall be lost in this quest. We often hear that terrorism is not just a national problem, but a global problem. But are we waiting for a global combat to solve our terrorism problems.

Why every incidence is glaringly bringing out the fact that information/alert is just passed from intelligence but contingency is not planned. It is a combined failure of the mechanism of governance and bureaucracy. Corruption has rotten the system and sacrifices of unknown are made. We are not equipped to fight unfortunate incidences, rather we have not equipped those well enough, whom we have rested with the duty to do so. The ammunition strength of 3 terrorists was bewildering and conveys that their ambitions were much bigger. Somewhere we have been unjust to the commitment of officers like Shaheed Baljit Singh, who fought till the end. Then there are courageous souls like the Bus driver, Nanak Chand Sharma, whose presence of mind and valour saved lives of many.

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The question is not of failure of state or centre; because security and safety are not subjects of delegation. The fact that we have become resilient to such news speaks volumes of the enormity of the state of affairs. Mourning and moving on may be an apt reaction, but not an appropriate solution. We pessimistically have accepted the failure to upkeep safety, which is an undeniable right of everyone in a democracy. This should no more be a political agenda, but a national agenda; where anyone and everyone capable, should contribute. An assertive campaign in this regard would be more assuring than a debate on a news channel.
Hope never dies, yet again we look forward to peaceful time, where life prospers; because this motherland has lost many in this battle. I empathise with those innocent families having suffered for no fault, and my heart can never thank the families of those who give me this freedom I enjoy in an often debated regular life. Our respect and gratitude will not be enough; so somebody leads us to end this yearning for peace, but lead us with righteousness.

Insaan mein haivan yahan bhi hai vahan bhi, Allah nigehbaan yahaan bhi hai vahan bhi; Khunkhaar darindo’n ke faqat naam alag hain, Shehro’n mein bayaabaa’n yahaan bhi hain vahaan bhi; Rehmaan ke qudarat ho ya bhagvan ke moorat , Har khel ka maidaan yahaan bhee hai vahaan bhi; Hindu bhi maze mein hai musalman bhi maze mein , Insaan pareshan yahan bhi hai vahan bhi; Uthta hai dil-o-jaan se dhuaa’n dono taraf hey , Ye ”meer” ka deevan yahan bhi hai vahan bhi! – Nida Fazli

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