Hardik Patel, The Face of The Latest Storm In Modi’s Gujarat

“Quotas” the very controversial word has affect us all. Some have been profited others faced loss. Let us not discuss on the social benefit of the word quota. My main point of bringing this up, is to draw your attention to the ongoing protest cum hunger strike in Gujarat on the demand of reservation for the Patel community by the Patel community. Hardik Patel a well-known 22-year-old man turned celebrity by the media and his lakhs of followers, started a protest demanding reservation for the Patel community on July 17th in the city of ‘Surat’. The protest grew and had turned into a ongoing hunger strike with the use of violence in the cities of Gujarat like Ahmedabad, Rajkot , Gandhinagar etc. Curfew is imposed on the whole state since Tuesday disturbing the life’s of many. So the big question arise is who is Hardik Patel? and Why does he want reservation?

Protest By Patels

Hardik Patel a common businessman with a graduate degree in commerce founded the Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti which held its first rally in the town of Visnagar on July 6, 2015. The main aim of the samiti was to provide educational and job opportunity to the youngsters of Patel community. Patels who comprises of almost 20% of the Gujarat’s population are well-known businessmen, politicians (the current C.M of Gujarat being one of them) industrialists etc and are very well off. It was the labor and effort of Patels who converted Surat into the India’s diamond city.  With settlements abroad and india, Patels are considered among the rich class of the society. But Hardik allegedly falsifies the claim and presents his version of the community’s development when asked by a BBC’s reporters. The Patels are divided on the basis of community into ‘kadvas, leuvas and anjanas’. The Patels who claims to be the descendants of Rama’s sons “Luv-Kush” have been allegedly ignored by the rest in the educational and economic fronts. Hardik Patel in his protest clearly blamed BJP for its negligence and warned of not letting lotus bloom until their voices are heard and demands fulfilled.

The C.M Annandiben Patel and the P.M Narendra Modi has requested people to maintain peace and harmony in the state.  4 CRPF and 2 RAF teams reach Ahmedabad from Bhopal on Wednesday night in order to handle the situations. The whole state has been put under the case of emergency banning the internet, restrains are imposed on the banking sector, universities & schools are to remain shut, public transports are put at halt. The claim of BJP’s Gujarat model where “the child doesn’t know the word curfew or never seen bandh” (speech of P.M during election campaign) has turned out to be hollow inside. The wait is now for the response of state and central govt. whether in favor or against? In both the cases it will lead to the domino effect in the Indian cast based politics, precursor of more distress.

What Next?

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  1. hariom khandelwal ... says:

    what will be d credibility of hardik when he says that je follows d path of bala saheb thakrey ….shameful

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