Heat Wave Claims 160 in Odisha and Flood Claims 2 Lives in Assam

Nature fury is going on in India. One part of this is under heat wave and another part is trying to escape from flood. In Odisha 160 lives have been claimed by the prevailing heat wave. On the other hand, in Assam, 2 dead reported due to flood. Monsoon has arrived in Mumbai, it has been experiencing medium lightning and showers from last two days. MET department said that it would go through the north sides and north eastern sides of India soon.

Odisha is under unbearable heat wave. There is no immediate sign of relief from it in Odisha. Another neighbor state’s capital, Ranchi (capital of Chattisgarh) got a medium shower of relief. Condition of Ranchi was worse than Odisha before a week. It has been experiencing a scorching heat, about 42-43 degree centigrade for a month.

Heat wave in Odisha

Heat Wave in Odisha | 160 Dead

Nothing good for Odisha. Heat wave is sweeping out Odisha as South West monsoon has not gained pace yet. All the fourteen temperature reading centers shows a dangerous figure. In last few days, these centers counted 40-42 degree centigrade temperatures. Highest temperature recorded 44 degree centigrade. State capital, Bhubaneswar itself recorded this temperature.

Assam Flood Condition | 2 Dead

In Assam, condition gets reverse motion. Till now, 2 lives have been claimed by the flood. More than three lacs people get affected. Heavy rainfall causes overflow in some rivers including Brahmaputra. Sontipur district’s condition gets worse where more than 60000 people displaced.

Assam Flood

Similar condition created before two years, in 2013. At that time, Flood swept out in Assam. More than 8 districts affected by that. This time two different pictures are seen in Odisha and Assam.

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