Heights Of Hooliganism, Intolerance And Vandalism!

Firstly, Shiv Sena should be condemned for attacking Sudheendra Kulkarni , who invited ex- foreign minister of Pakistan, Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri, for launching his book, “Neither A Hawk Nor A Dove: An Insider’s Account Of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy” in Mumbai.

This is not the design of protest in a democracy. Such forms of protests are highly undemocratic and un-parliamentary. By resorting to this, we are ensuring that we hit the headlines or all the wrong reasons.

In a democracy like India, it is very important to respect the difference of opinion and it’s existence. You cannot hit/ hurt/ attack someone and get away with it because you have a patronage somewhere. No person has a right to attack another person or indulge in any act of vandalism because the other person carries a different opinion. What gives parties like Shiv Sena the right to smear someone’s face with oil paint in public?

So far, there has been no acceptance of guilt from Shiv Sena. Is the Shiv Sena so cowardly, that having done this, they will try and back off! This is an ultimate act of cowardliness. You cannot send your goons to attack someone in the name of patriotism, say that you are doing this for soldiers and martyrs and not even own up to it. Now, Shiv Sena may not like the adjectives being said to them but it is high time that someone tells them straight, clear and upfront! Shiv Sena cannot even stand for their own cadre. Shiv Sena has made it a habit to come into the news by taking the law and order situation in their hands, behaving in an obnoxious way.

How does smearing Sudheendra Kulkarni’s face halt the infiltration of Pakistani terrorists into India? Does the Shiv Sena have the courage to step out of the BJP coalition and then protest on such issues? It was ultimately the government-in-power (BJP) who sanctioned the visa to Mr. Kasuri. Shiv Sena cannot blow hot and cold simultaneously! Now, will the Shiv Sena protest against BJP too?

Image Courtesy : http://goo.gl/gbC3We

Image Courtesy : http://goo.gl/gbC3We

It is vandalism politics that Shiv Sena is indulging into and BJP is being a party to it. The silence of those in-charge is emboldening the goons behind this kind of hooliganism. BJP should understand that they cannot stay silent when they should be voicing their opinion and doing away with the coalition. It is not the violence of these few cowards that is irksome. It is the silence of the Government that is irksome.

In my humble opinion, Mr. Kulkarni should also have reviewed his decision of holding this event. Also, he should not have equated the release of the book by Mr. Kasuri to that of a concert by Ustad Ghulam Ali. Ghulam Ali has always been politically non-controversial. Ustad Ghulam Ali has millions of fans in India who believe that despite of the tension prevailing between India and Pakistan, the cultural ties between these two nations should be maintained. On the contrary, Mr. Khurshid has a record of making anti-India statements whether in office or otherwise. He is an ex-diplomat and politician of Pakistan – a country that does not misses out on a single opportunity to spit venom against India. To this extent, it is obvious that a reasonable man will not want his book to release on Indian soil. Difference of opinion is acceptable but forcing an organizer to call off an event and unleashing this sort of treatment because he hasn’t adhered to Shiv Sena’s diktat is not at all acceptable and ethical.

As if the decision to call off Ghulam Ali concert and the ink squash before the book launch incident was not enough, a score of Shiv Sainiks invaded the BCCI headquarters and break into BCCI President Shashank Manohar’s office.  Shiv Sainiks describe the act was done to halt the BCCI and PCB’s decision on the December India Pakistan test series. Hang-on, which Hindu sentiment advocates boycotting a cricket match between two nations, which are “arch-rivals”? Bala Saheb Thackery, the founding father of Shiv Sena, advocated art and culture. How can the Shiv Sena advocate violating what Late Balasaheb Thackeray believed in!

Shiv Sena goons at BCCI Office

First, the calling off of the Ghulam Ali concert, then smearing Kulkarni’s face with oil paint and now storming into the BCCI headquarters and threatening the BCCI head honcho to call-off the meeting with PCB, all highlight the intolerance of Shiv Sena. Is the “Goonda Raj” pattern being followed in Maharashtra? It is unfortunate that Maharashtra CM Mr. Devendra Fadnavis has been unable to control Shiv Sena and is coming across as a weak and vulnerable person.

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