ICC Urges South Africa To Arrest Omar-al-Bashir

An interesting turn out! International Criminal Court urges South Africa to arrest Omar-al-Bashir with the President of Sudan. Maximum African leaders are now in South Africa as African Union summit is likely to start soon. Presidents and Prime Minister of almost all the African countries now are in Johannesburg, South Africa where the summit is planned to be conducted.

Mr. Omar-al-Bashir is a most wanted war criminal. He is accused of killing many people in the conflict of Darfur. International Criminal Court wants him in its custody. But different thing has been seen in Johannesburg. All the African leaders including Omar-al-Bashir are welcomed in the Johannesburg airport. Though there is no reaction from International Criminal Court, South Africa has not sound about the arrests of the Sudanese leader yet.

Omar-al-Bashir arrest warrant

With an official statement, International Criminal Court said that South Africa should not left any stone upturned to get Omar-al-Bashir in ICC’s custody.

African Union has already urges ICC not to start proceedings against the sitting leaders. A tension is prevailing there between African Union and International Criminal Court as many countries has criticized ICC for targeting African leaders unfairly.

Omar-al-Bashir, the Sudanese leader has already in restriction to visit other countries. However he kept visiting some friendly countries like middle east and Africa. He is restricted to enter any European country.

What is Darfur Conflict?

Let’s get an superficial idea about the Darfur conflict. What was happened there actually. It happened in 2003 when rebels took arms against government. More than 2000 rebels had died in that clash with government soldiers and later about 30,000 people died but almost all from diseases. That’s why United Nation put off the investigation on this matter after a year. But International Criminal Court put charges against Omar-al-Bashir as a war Criminal.

Key Points of this African Union Summit

Though African Union summit is often criticized heavily because it avoids many crucial points of discussions. But perhaps this summit is going to be different in some extents. The key points that can be the point of discussion in this summit are-

1. Nigeria’s move against Boko Haram and the future steps against Boko Haram by the five African coalition forces.

2. Threats by the al-Shabab in the East African countries. All of can remember the Garcia University attack in Kenya.

3. Economic development in the West African countries.

South Africa- The Host of African Union Summit

South Africa was not the scheduled venue for the African Union summit. It was Chad. But in eleventh hour, venue was changed from Chad to South Africa as there is a threat of terror prevailing on Chad because Chad is one of the member of the coalition force against Boko Haram.

But in South Africa, xenophobic violence in Johannesburg and Durban left the host very much embarrassed.

Economic Development in West African Countries

This is going to be an prime agenda of the coming African Union Summit. Economic development should be accelerated to bring the over all living condition up.

Arrest of Omar-al-Bashir and AU Summit

Amid different burning issues in Africa, the main focus of African Union summit has become the arrest warrant of Sudanese leader Omar-al-Bashir by the International Criminal court. It’s now to see how South Africa escape this critical situation. South Africa is an important member of International courts by UN and often shouts for justice. It’s definitely a tough time for them as they invited Omar-al-Bashir  to join the summit that’s why he has a diplomatic immunity. South Africa can not arrest him at this time.

If South Africa arrest him, a strong opposite response from the other African leaders may seen and the whole plan of summit may spoil at any point of time.

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