Nearly 20 police officials barged into Kerala House in Delhi after Vishnu Gupta, a Hindu Sena leader, complained that the canteen at the state-owned guest house was serving beef. However, the Kerala House maintained that they served only buffalo meat and had named it “beef”.

It takes ten days for the Delhi police to register a rape report of a fifteen year old girl after the initial complaint. However, the same Delhi police takes barely ten minutes to lodge a report on alleged beef consumption. My only question to the Delhi police is, “Are you’ll gonna enter our kitchens next!”

With 1,813 rapes reported in Delhi in 2014, is preventive measure for beef a priority for cops? What’s a priority for the Delhi police? Is it solving 15,265 crime cases against women or is it catching beef eaters?

Kerala House Raid

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Is it a new norm that police can walk into private spaces and probe about food? Can ruffians wreck havoc and get away in India now!

For a brief starter, Hindu Sena is the same political outfit that attacked Prashant Bhushan after his comments on AFSPA and smeared J&K Independent MLA Engineer Rashid’s face with ink. Hindu Sena should be charged with religious intolerance, it should be charged with an attempt of creating communalism in the country, it should be charged with carrying physical assault, it should be charged with hurting the sentiments of Indian citizens. They are not Hindu Sena. They are vandalists. They need to understand that Hinduism is not within a person’s digestive system that goes out when the person excretes the beef he ate. If there is someone who is trying to create communalism in the country, it is Hindu Sena. If there is someone trying to resort to violence, it is Hindu Sena. The matter of pressing concern is after doing all of the above, why and how is the Hindu Sena getting away! And, this person, Vishnu Gupta, who called up the police to complain about the alleged serving of beef at the Kerala House, is an anti-social element and an anti-nationalist. He is an illiterate to the extent that he says, “beef ka matlab gai”. In India, beef can be bull meat, ox meat, pigeon meat, rabbit meat, squirrel meat or any other damn thing. If a person makes a hoax call that a bomb explosion is to take place, he lands in jail. Now, we have this hooligan, Vishnu Gupta, who made a hoax call to the Delhi police on beef being served in Kerala House. My only question is that should he not land behind the bars? This man is a hoax and spreads a rumour that can have a communal impact.