Indian Army Carried Out Operation in Indian Territory- Myanmar

With a surprise comment, Myanmar claims that the operation carried out by Indian para troopers before two days was in Indian territory and that two operation location were near Indo- Myanmar border. No military operation was carried out in the territory of Myanmar.

Indian Army's surgical strike

Indian Army’s Claim | Surgical Operation in Myanmar

India has been repeatedly saying that Indian Army’s special forces carried out the operation against the terrorists deep inside in Myanmar, about 50 kilometers inside the Myanmar’s territory. Two camps were destroyed and more than 25 militants were killed in the sudden operation by the Indian army’s para troopers.

Hot Pursuit of Terrorists | Clean Surgical Operation by Indian Army

India did not see or experienced this kind of hot pursuit of terrorists before. According to the Indian Army, they asked for the permission from the PMO and got the operational permission quickly. But they did not sound a little about why Myanmar’s authority was not informed about the operation before it had carried out.

Myanmar’s Assurance | No Tolerance with Terrorist Activity

Myanmar has given a strong assurance that it would not let its territory to be used by the terrorist groups against India. An official from Myanmar military said,

[quote_box_center]We will not accept any foreigner who attacks neneighboring countries and creates problems using our territory[/quote_box_center]

Myanmar’s Claim | Indian Army carried out operation in Indian territory

Myanmar is declining the claim of Indian army that the operation were carried out in Myanmar. They are claiming that both the operational areas are near to the Indo-Myanmar border but not inside Myanmar’s territory.

[quote_box_center]According to the information sent by Tatmadaw (Myanmar’s army) battalions on the ground, we have learned that the military operation was performed on the Indian side at India-Myanmar border[/quote_box_center]

PMO’s reaction on it

PMO has not respond yet on this occasion. It let the Indian Army to take the thing ahead. Narendra Modi himself has not published any official circular or notice.

Defence Minister’s Reaction

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar said that this operation has changed the global mindset towards India. India can hit its enemy, no matter where they hide.

Central Government’s Direction

Government of India directed National security advisor Ajit Doval to visit Myanmar soon so that India can carry on the talk on joint operation in those regions. PMO asked minister of the states, Jatindra Singh to visit Manipur and to take a fine stock of the current situation.

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