Internet Ban in Gujarat

No WhatsApp! No Facebook! No Twitter! No internet in short!! No I am not talking on the bad effect of social media and internet but in fact I am talking to the situation of Gujarat where the internet is banned from past 4 days due to the ongoing protest of the Patel community‘s demand of reservation led by Hardik Patel. If you are also in Gujarat like me!! Then my heartily condolence, for not being able to use internet.

Image Credits : http://goo.gl/LYlDvm

Image Credits : http://goo.gl/LYlDvm

On 25th august Gujarat govt. banned the internet as a security measure in order to curb the protesters from further mobilizing and to hamper the state’s image in media. But this ban has led a serious effect on people’s lives here esp. economy. According to mobile Internet user’s data, operators said over 98 lakh Internet users were in the state as per last year records. Banking, trading, travel, manufacturing and other services that depend on Internet connectivity bore were affected due to the ban. Only broadband services have been working effectively. Private Service providers like fuel stations, hotels industry, restaurants, travel agents have been deeply affected by this protest. Even I.R.C.T.C has faced a loss of 90 lakh in this ongoing ban over internet. Public distributions systems, Kisan helplines , share market etc are also one of sufferers of the loss. Govt. has not clearly provided the date for lifting the ban yet.

Public connectivity is at toll now, with low network area no internet no Skype no mail services. One can think of the time before the internet became a part of our lives. But on the brighter side it gives you more time with your family and friends and also for self . Finish the pending work, read a book you wanted, talk to the family in person. Utilize the ban in positive manner.

Happy banning!! Happy internet free life!!!

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  1. hariom khandelwal ... says:

    with power of internet n social media only ..modi came in power …now banning it …

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