iPad Error Causes Grounding of American Airline Jets

A minor malfunction in an iPad software caused grounding of several planes of American Airlines. The app was used by pilots and co-pilots to see the flight plans.

american airlineAA says that it is still investigating the issue and will find the cause of the problem pretty soon.

The spokesperson of AA said to BBC that some of the AA pilots experienced the issue of malfunctioning software application on the iPad given to pilots on the evening of 28th April.

He said that in some cases the flights had to return to the gate so that the plots can get access to a Wi-Fi connection for fixing the issue.

The spokesperson apologized for the inconvenience caused to passengers and customers and said that the flights were soon on their way to their respective destinations.

One of the passengers affected by the iPad app malfunction was Serge Gojkovich. He is the chief executive of the company Curbstand that makes car parking apps. His tweets said that his flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles was able to fly only after the crew of plane was able to print all the required maps.

AA cockpits went paperless back in the year 2013. The step was taken so that the crew and staff on the plane had to make lesser paper work efforts. AA estimates pointed out then that the airlines would be able to save around $1.2m in fuel spending in each of the successive years of operation.

Apart from American Airlines, some other airlines have also started using tablets instead of paper manuals and physical charts.

Delta Airlines has opted for Microsoft’s surface tablets while United Airlines has chosen iPad. iPad usage was started earlier in United Airlines than AA.

Ryanair and British Airways are still in the process of shifting to the newer technological models of electronic flight bag based systems.

The new system offers several advantages over the old system. Some of the advantages are a reduction in injuries, help of staff by providing real-time updates and reduction of flight preparation time. Further, the new system also reduces the cost of fueling.

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