iPhone 6S Specs Allegedly Leaked by China Telecom Representative

A new leak has come into existence this morning pertaining to the upcoming iPhones. An individual who apparently claims to be an employee of China Telecom has allegedly leaked and confirmed various rumors pertaining to the specs of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus which were floating on internet from past few weeks. This has not just increased the excitement level but also increased the interest of potential buyers who eagerly want to put their hands on the upcoming new flagships from Apple.
While confirming the specs, the unnamed individual cast doubts regarding the introduction of new colour option to iPhone. This could be a bad news for people who were excited by the rumor that Apple might include Pink/Rose gold model alongside existing colours.

iPhone 6s Specs Allegedly leaked by China Telecom Representative

The source of this information was provided on China’s popular micro-blogging site, Weibo. The first information which was revealed by the representative was as when can customers expect to buy the device and well, it was not much of a surprise as many other sources already confirmed earlier that iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus shall be available for purchase from September 18th.
This piece of information justifies the rumor which we reported couple of days back that pre-orders of upcoming iPhones shall start from September 11th. As it fits in the schedule of Apple which at least require a week to stock up their stores.

It was also confirmed by the unnamed source that both the new iPhones will have Apple’s new in-house A9 processor, along with 2GB of RAM to enhance the device performance. Largely rumored spec regarding the inclusion of Force Touch technology was also confirmed by the source.
The camera which has been at 8-megapixels from past 4 generations of iPhone seems to get an upgrade to 12 or 16-megapixels according to the leak.
So far it hasn’t been nothing new added by the individual which we already didn’t know. But this confirmation coming from a China Telecom employee which is Apple’s official carrier partner in China might confirm that the day is not far when Cupertino giant will unveil their new flagships. But the only news that shall snatch the smile from potential buyers and people expecting Pink/Rose Gold iPhone is that the representative has cast doubts about the addition of new colours.

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