Iran Hit By Earthquake of 4.1 in Richter Scale

Iran Hit By Earthquake of 4.1 in Richter Scale: Again it’s Iran! Oh God! Save this country from earthquakes. Another time after 2013, Iran hit by the earthquake today. Though it was a medium profile earthquake according to the Richter Scale. But massive devastation occurred in the town named Jam which was the epicenter of the earthquake.

Iran Hit By Earthquake of 4.1 in Richter Scale

Iran Hit By Earthquake | Epicenter & Affects 

Jam is a very populous Southern town, situated 180 Km away from Tehran. Till now 18 lives have been claimed by the calamity. Rescue work is still going on there. More than 2500 houses were pulled down and more than 100 people are stuck under the debris. 400 people are wounded. 150 of them are hospitalized.

Iran’s Earthquake History

Before this, in 2013, an earthquake of 6.1 magnitude also claimed over 400 lives at a time and left 1000 wounded. These are not all. Everyone may remember the earthquake of 2002, that took more than 26000 people’s lives within a moment. The intensity of that shack was  more than 8 and rerecorded at 8.1.

Iran Hit By 4.1 Scale Earthquake | High Alert Announced

The news of today’s earthquake was reported by a Russian news channel first and then Iran announced immediate alerts for the towns nearby Jam. Iran fears that it could be initial waves of upcoming mega quake. Similar things happened in 2002. A week before the massive quake, some small and medium ranged quakes hit the towns first and then, after a week the mega earthquake landed with 8.1 magnitude in Richter scale- A big blast of waves. It smashed the town Bam fully.

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