ISIS Captured Ancient Syrian City Palmyra After Four Days Long Battle

Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Syria have entered the Ancient city and Unesco World Heritage site of Palmyra in the wake of capturing the town with historic importance by the antiquated vestiges. After a four days long battle in Palmyra, Syrian government withdrew troops and left the beautiful city with ancient architectures in the hand of ISIS militants who do not know the historic value of Palmyra.


ISIS Seizes Palmyra | UNSECO Expressed Concern

According to the UNESCO its pulverization would be a tremendous misfortune to humankind yet no harm has been accounted for there yet. ISIS presently controls the close-by air strips and the little airport, jail and HQ of intelligence. The militants have beforehand vandalized historic destinations in Iraq that originate before Islam.

Intense global concern over Palmyra may really goad the jihadists on to make destroying the site a need, since they thoroughly enjoy testing and alarming world sentiment.

Palmyra – A Strategically Important Location

The old ruins are arranged in a strategically essential zone out and about between the Syrian capital, Damascus, and the challenged eastern city of Deir al-Zour. Palmyra is likewise near to oil and gas fields which the Syrian government uses to create power for regions under its control in the west of the nation.

Ascending out of the desert, the site contains the fantastic remains of an incredible city, which Unesco and others consider a standout amongst the most essential cultural centers of the our ancient world.

Going back to the 1st and 2nd Century, when the locale was under Roman guideline, Palmyra is ruled by a grand, colonnaded road.

Tadmur, the present day settlement by Palmyra, would ordinarily have a populace of around 70,000, however it has as of late been swollen by a convergence of individuals uprooted from other battle regions. Syrian state media said that Syrian government troops had hauled out operation after assuring the departure of most of its occupants.

Talal Barazi, the Governor of Homs Province, which includes Palmyra, told that 1,300 individuals had fled the city in the course of recent days, and more were attempting to leave.

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