Islamic State (ISIS) lost its ground in Iraq. ISIS ruled the northern cities for a year. But Iraqi soldiers and Kurdish Peshmarga forces are bulldozing them and they are now in dual crisis. US led forces are continuing air strikes on the positions of ISIS and on ground they are facing dangerous resistances from Peshmargas and Iraqi soldiers.

ISIS lost its ground in Iraq

How ISIS lost its ground in Iraq

Last month, ISIS lost one of its stronghold Tirkit and Iraqi government soldiers retakes the region. Over 300 ISIS members were killed in the “Tirkit Offensive” led by the Iraqi soldiers.

On the other hand Kobani (a town of Syria) is under attack. Peshmarga forces started offensive operation there. More than 500 ISIS casualties have been reported. Peshmarga soldiers entered the town last month and they preyed IS like hunters. Basically under the offensive of Peshmargas ISIS lost maximum strength.

Iraqi soldiers are approaching from the South and it’s just a matter of time to take the controls of several cities on their way because ISIS are finished in ground attacks here.

Peshmarga and Iraqi government soldiers are coordinating with each other and are attacking ISIS from two ends. Excellent coordination between these two forces was seen in the Tirkit Offensive.

US will continue strikes from the sky till Iraqi soldiers get the full control on its borders. Though Peshmarga forces entered into Syrian town Kobani and street battle is going on there between ISIS and Peshmarga soldiers, US did not sound whether they will continue airstrike to finish ISIS from Kobani or not.

A major of Iraqi army said

[quote_box_center]”ISIS are fleeing from the ground as we are approaching. We are in touch with the Peshmarga commanders. We will regain the control of Iraq and will finish ISIS¬†Inshallah”¬†[/quote_box_center]

It’s real situation of ISIS, they lost the control over the northern region and they have in a sandwiched situation under severe attacks from Iraqi soldiers and Peshmarga soldiers.