ISIS militant ‘Jihadi John’ is identified

The ISIS militant who has become the name of living terror for quite a long time for the whole world is finally revealed. The man in mask with a clean British accent called as ‘Jihadi John’. The mask man in ISIS videos showing the exicutions of Western hostages were identified Thursday as Mohammed Emwazi, an apparently 27 years old Kuwaiti-born Londoner. A Muslim-based human rights advocacy group in London, CAGE declared that there were “some striking similarities” between Emwazi, and Jihadi John.

Jihadi John identified

‘Jihadi John’ and his identity

According to the reports, Emwazi has belonged from a middle class family of London and had completed his degree in computer programming from University of Westminster. His simple life changed after a trip to Tanzania, in East Africa, in 2009 after graduating. He was denied permission, to the place the moment he reached and after his coming back kept in and then deported. He was also detained by counterterrorism officials of Britain in 2010 for further checking. Due to the “harassment” he came to be known by a journalist who revealed to Asim Qureshi the research director of CAGE. Though it is impossible to be perfectly sure about his identity due to his mask, there are many similarities between the two. Mr Qureshi recognized Emwazi, as an “extremely kind, gentle and soft-spoken, the most humble young person I knew”.

CAGE blames the security system of Britain that works havoc in the minds of young Muslims who feel insecure and traumatized in their own land and some of minds convert the fear into hatred.

Factors that worked in making ‘Jihadi John’

It is nothing but a constant fear that created a tremendous mental presser for Emwazi. Emwazi wrote in a June 2010 email to CAGE saying:

“I had a job waiting for me and marriage to get started,”.”[But now] I feel like a prisoner, only not in a cage, in London, a person imprisoned and controlled by security service men, stopping me from living my new life in my birthplace and country, Kuwait.” [BBC News]

University of Westminster has confirmed him as there former student who left six years ago and added “If these allegations are true, we are shocked and sickened.”

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