ISIS Pulled Down Palmyra Tomb- Destruction of History

Islamic state of Iraq and Syria militants blows up a famous tomb tower of Palmyra, which is famous for its Pre Islamic structures in Syria. Before couple of months ISIS captured palmyra and everyone has been in fear- IS destroys the ancient and historically famous town’s structures anytime. Now the fear comes true.

palmyra tombs

Destruction of Palmyra Tomb- Why

ISIS does not believe in Pre-Islamic history. That’s why they destroyed many museums in Iraq and Syria where many precious things were preserved safely.

This Palmyra tomb which has been destroyed was one of the well preserved and maintained ancient structures. There are so many ancient architectures in the queen of desert- Palmyra.

IS- What is the ultimate Motive

According to a famous archaeologist of Syria- IS’s belief is based on Quran fundamental. More than 25000 foreigners are fighting for Islamic States in Iraq and Syria. The group is accused for random killing, rape and for sex business.

We bet, everyone can remember the horror of Yehzidi killing which happened a couple of months before. Kurdish YPG forces tackled the situation at that time. Before two weeks US air strikes killed the deputy chief of the terror organization- ISIS.

Destroying everything which is not associated with Islam

In Syria they are doing the same thing. Raqqa is their declared capital. It’s humorous but true, that they had launched their own currency. They have been attacking every place where Islam is not associated and have been destroying them.

Palmyra Tomb- Historical Importance

Palmyra had an historical importance and for your information it is a UNESCO heritage site. The tomb which had been pulled down was a prime attraction of this place. It was built on 129 AD and it was among the unbroken architectures of Palmyra- maximum part of this ancient town went into desert. Once upon a time, a prosperous town was there and today’s Palmyra is the proof of it.

The destruction of Palmyra Tomb firstly came in news but after that the rumor was confirmed from the images taken from satellites. It’s a real unfortunate that Syria could not defend its one of the finest historical town from ISIS. Comments will be appreciated on this.

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