ISIS Seizes Heritage Town Palmyra in Syria

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) seizes a city named Palmyra that has a rare stamp from world heritage listing. ISIS got the control over some parts of the city Palmyra. IS is holding a total control over some parts of Palmyra where three world heritage sites are situated.

City of Palmyra

Current Condition of Palmyra Seize in Syria

ISIS militants are holding a strategic town named Tadmur near Palmyra’s heritage sites. Tadmur is situated in the east-west route next to Palmyra. IS militants are engaged in fighting with the Syrian government forces on the route to the ancient city. UNESCO members are tensed as the value of the Palmyra as a heritage town is more than anything not only in Syria but also in all over Middle East.

Palmyra- The City of Ancient Cultures

Palmyra has a great importance when it comes to a discussion on the heritage sites in Syria. There are many Pre-Islamic architectures in the city and some of them are- Tetrapylon, the ancient theatre, The temple of Bel etc. All these sites are listed in the UNESCO’s world heritage sites.

Syrian government says that over hundreds of statues have been shifted to the safe places already as ISIS militants are very close to the ancient ruins.

Palmyra theatre

ISIS have been destroying the sites that are of pre date of Islam in Iraq. They don’t have the sense of preserving the ancient sites. So Syrian government are shifting maximum statues and other things from Palmyra as there is chance that these heritage sites of Palyra can fall in the hand of IS anytime.

Palmyra | The Bride of the Desert

Palmyra is called the bride of the desert because of its importance as the world heritage sites. It has a colonnaded street, funerary monuments and major public buildings. These are some of the priceless Pre Islamic archaeological treasures in Syria.

Palmyra Ruins

Battle of Palmyra | Syrian Government called Volunteers

ISIS has already captured the oil and gas facility of that region. Syrian government called for volunteers to retake the control of the region again in the same way Iraqi government called for shia militias to help them to retake the Ramadi.

What Next?

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