ISIS Suicide Bomb Attack in Suruc Turkey

A probable ISIS attack on Turkey, for the first time after ISIS engaged in full fledged fight with YPG fighters and Iraqi military in Iraq and Syria. Though IS has not taken the responsibilities till now, but government of Turkey suspects that the Islamic terrorists’ organization is behind the whole plan to bomb blast in Suruc, that is a small border town with Syria.

Suruc blasts by ISIS

Government of Turkey suspects that ISIS has lost the ground in Syria. Just because Turkey is assisting Kurds to rebuild the town Kobane, maybe that’s why ISIS sent suicide bomber in Turkey. More than 27 people killed after the sudden attack and 50 got injured immediately. All the injured people are taken to the hospital. After admitting in the hospitals, four more people died.

Investigators suspects that IED was used in the blasts. Many kurds from Kobane and nearby Syrian towns came here and are living in many refugee camps in Suruc, Turkey.

Many young individuals were staying there to help with reconstructing work in the close-by Syrian town of Kobane. Turkish authorities told introductory evidence showed it was a suicide attack by the Islamic State (IS) gathering.

Suruc has housed numerous exiles who have fled battling in Kobane between IS militants and Kurdish fighters since September a year ago, when IS overran the town. A statement from the inside service said We approach everybody to stand together and resist the urge to panic despite this terrorist attack which focuses on the solidarity of our nation.

Pervin Buldan, a senior lawmaker from Turkey’s ace Kurdish HDP resistance gathering, said Turkish and Kurdish youth had come to cross into Kobane, and there were three or four days of exercises arranged.  The suicide bomb attack on the Amara Cultural Center is one of the bloodiest suicide attacks in Turkey in years.

Suruc is a little Kurdish-lion’s share city only a 15 moment drive from the fringe with Kobane. Kurdish activists in Suruc assumed a fundamental part amid the attack of Kobane, sending food and other impotant supplies to the YPG Kurdish fighters to support their supplies. Numerous journalists and foreign fighters who needed to go to Kobane went to Suruc and from that point were sent on. At the season of the attack, 300 young activists were getting ready to create an impression and cross the fringe into Kobane to help to revamp the city.

Nearby Kurdish government officials in Suruc accuse the Islamic State (IS) gathering for the attack. IS endured a substantial misfortune and annihilation in Kobane prior this year. Likewise a month ago the YPG caught Tal Abyad, a standout amongst the most essential IS outskirt intersections with Turkey. Kurds accept the aggressor gathering needs to take exact retribution on non military personnel Kurds inside Turkey.

In June it did various attacks on Turkey’s genius Kurdish Party, HDP, amid the keep running up to the Turkish parliamentary races. Is accepted to have numerous sympathizers inside Turkey and they could complete attacks against extra targets.

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