ISIS: The Rise of Caliphate or a Terror Machine

Now a day almost every one of us knows more or less about ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. It has been in the headlines of News in almost every week, sometime for beheading enemies and sometimes for brutal attack on people with different religious faith. Apparently you may feel that they want to reestablish Caliphate reign in Middle East and want to expand Islam. But the ways they are choosing, definitely not the ways of Islam (Peace). So, what can they be called, Caliphate soldiers or a terror organization?

ISIS, the trail of terror?

Before we jump into any conclusion, we have to analyze the situation when and why ISIS (Islamic States of Iraq and Syria) was born? And what were their initial objectives.

ISIS | How it was established

ISIS was established in Iraq, just after the American troops were withdrawn. Initially they did not come up with their destructive natures. American troops left Iraq after establishing a care taker government in Baghdad. It ignited the fire of making a Sunni organization all the way to IS.

American Troops Left and Shia led Government Came in power

If we dig out the truth after Saddam Hossain reign, it would reveal that, in Iraq there were many people believed that America killed Saddam to capture the oil fields as no weapon of mass destruction was found in Iraq. Saddam Hossain was given death sentence because with his direction Iraqi armies killed many Kurds in Northern Iraq. Note this point, Saddam was accused of killing Kurds as they wanted dominion status and wanted a self controlled territory in Iraq.

Kurds Joined Northern Alliance and Supported America

And another thing is that, Kurds supported America when they attacked Iraq and sentenced Saddam Hossain. It was known that, former President Saddam was an autocrat and maximum followers of him were Sunni Muslims. Sunni Muslims got a lots of benefits where Shias did not get a little of that. All the Shia and Kurds populated areas were neglected. That’s why; many of them supported America against Saddam.

Baghdad Got a New Government, Clash Continues

Gradually Shia leaders came in power, Neighbor shia country Iran silently supported the shia government in Iraq. But the supporters of Saddam, basically the Sunni communities got angry. When American soldiers were there, a car bomb blast happened in almost every day targeting the foreign troops or newly made Iraqi security forces by the US. More than 7000 people died and about 60000 got injured in those bomb blasts. Responsibilities of all those bomb blasts were taken by different Sunni radical organization time by time. Many members of those organizations were arrested by the security forces. But at that time those organizations were not so much effective. Those were running with different leaders and under different objectives.

ISIS | Becoming the all in all

ISIS came up with a radical face of the modern Sunni organization and brought all the Sunni organization under single umbrella and on an objective related platform. Those organizations gradually eloped and merged into ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). By that time, IS collected a lots of donations and created many source of funds. Mainly they control many oil fields in Northern Iraq.

ISIS Engaged in Killing Non Muslims and Shias

ISIS came in their killing nature in early 2014. In Iraq they started killing enormous Shia Muslims and started attacking towns where shia Muslims lived in large scale.

Attack of Shias started in a slow pace. But within a short period of time they made their killing machine bigger and started hunting remote areas.

Things started taking wrong direction when they declared war on every religion except the Muslims (Sunni way). They started posting horrific videos of killing people. Mosques of Shias were destroyed and pulled down by the ISIS militants in many areas. Many shias were forcibly converted in Sunnis. If you are thinking this is Sunni-Shia fight, then you are wrong.

Yezidi Crisis | ISIS got the attention of the world

ISIS took on the other people with different faith. The worse face we have seen against Yezidis. Yezidi is a little community with different religious faith, basically in north east Iraq. ISIS looted the towns of Yezidis, killed men and raped women and girls there. They carried out an inhuman character to fight in the way of so called jihad (Though Jihad has different meaning in Islam). They killed men and forced girls and women to have sex with them (militants). A girl or woman was allotted for every ISIS soldier. Some of them were forcibly married the IS fighters. Females of Yezidis were given three choices to choose one. First one was to convert into Islam, for that only systematic religious conversion was not enough. After conversion they had to have sex with the ISIS fighters (They calls this purification). Is it actually? Our Muslim brothers can answer it (we think it is not justified in any religion). Second one is – ready to be killed. But for this option, girls and women were raped first and then shot dead. Third one is- Flee.

More than 600 women and 1100 girls were raped. Most inhuman thing is, ISIS used to have girls as sex slave and used to sell them for raising money for the organization.

Apart from the Yezidi they engaged in fighting with Kurds but kurds’ resistance was difficult to break and they did not achieve anything symbolic.

1600 Iraqi soldiers were killed in a single day by ISIS

ISIS killed 1600 Iraqi soldiers in a single event. That news made an impact on the whole world. After that Iran declared war on ISIS and promised Baghdad to help in every way to fight IS. Iran sent shia militia and armed them to fight Sunni ISIS. Though Iran denied the fact of sending arms to the shia fighters.

Raqqa, in Syria was set as the capital of ISIS and every operation was directed from here. They believe in expanding areas and holding the captured areas.

We can bet, you have not forgotten the news of burning the Jordanian Pilot alive by the ISIS. That video created lots of hates for ISIS. Jordan called for a ground shaking reply and killed more than 95 ISIS fighters in a day by bombing ISIS positions.

ISIS engaged with Taliban     

Though these two groups are trying to establish Shariya, they engaged in fighting with each other. It started when ISIS chief, called Taliban an illiterate radical group. Taliban is struggling for its existence. They fear that in near future Taliban will lose its existence and will merge into ISIS. That’s why these two groups engaged with each other. This thing is leading emerging tension in east Iraq and Afghan border.

ISIS Destroys Pre-Islamic architectures

They are pretending themselves as the literate soldiers and calls Taliban Illiterate. But these so called literate, jihadists are destroying Pre-Islamic architectures in Iraq and Syria. Even in Saddam Hossain’s rule, these were not affected. IS destroyed several museums also. They believe, everything before Islam was evil. Time will tell who was evil. Recently they have captured a Syrian town, called Palmyra. Palmyra is an UNESCO heritage site and famous for its ancient architectures. In no time, ISIS will destroy the Palmyra also. And that is definite. We will lose the Queen of the desert.

ISIS started Luxurious hotel for the fighters in Syria

They are calling themselves Caliphate fighters and soldiers of Allah. But they are opting lavish lifestyle. You cant’ believe that they have started a luxurious hotel with all modern amenities for the fighters in Syria! Is it the face of a radical Caliphate soldiers? There is nothing wrong if they take rest and massage, but when if they use this hotel as harem where many caged women and girls are being used as sex slave?

ISIS Started new Currency in Raqqa

They are trying to create a parallel economy in Iraq and Syria. Recently they have unveiled a series of pictures that suggest they have advanced towards introducing new currency in their strongholds.

US Started Air Strike

United States of America did not want to get involved in the war against ISIS. They sent 400 US marines to train the Iraqi soldiers to fight IS. With that, US Air forces started airstrikes on ISIS positions and facilitate Kurds to fight.

YPG took many strategic towns under control from ISIS

YPG soldiers got many towns under control and had driven ISIS out of the sights. Kurds won a head to head fight against ISIS in Kobane. That was a symbolic defeat for ISIS. IS is struggling in some of its positions but did not get defensive. In recent days, they attacked Kobane to re-capture. But YPGs repelled them.

Kurds militias took away a strategic town, Tel Abiyad that is hardly 50 kilometers from the ISIS stronghold Raqqa. Without any doubt ISIS is under pressure. US air forces continue their strikes and YPG ground forces are as war hardened as them.     

ISIS is doing so many things that surely not supported by Islam also. Indiscriminate killing of innocent people and using people as sex slaves are not the way of establishing Caliphate. Is Caliphate justified in recent days? If it’s then Why Mustafa Kamal Pasha put an end to it to establish the modern Turkey? What do you think, my friend?.

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