ISIS Trying to Recapture Kobane

Islamic states of Iraq and Syria is trying to recapture the strategic town Kobane. They lost the battle of Kobane to the Kurdish fighters before a couple of months. It was used as one of the major supply lines for the ISIS militants. Recently ISIS has lost more than one battles to the YPG fighters. ISIS was driven out of the Kobane with the help of the US air strikes. Kurdish forces have done more than one street to street battle with ISIS and forced them to withdraw their forces.

ISIS Trying to capture Kobane again

After Kobane, Raqqa is under threat

Now, after losing many strategic points to the Iraqi forces and to the Kurdish fighters, IS has now gone ruthless and their capital Raqqa is now under threat as YPG forces are approaching towards their stronghold after capturing many towns on the way. US airstrikes are playing an important role without any doubt.

Airstrikes keep ISIS way from reinforcement and keep YPG fighters able to keep the newly captures towns and to make a defence fence around it.

IS sent suicide bombers into Kobane

ISIS has sent many suicide bombers to Kobane and some of them have already blown themselves and it proves that, ISIS is planning to recapture the Kobane which they lost after a bloody battle with the Kurd fighters. Kurdish force also retook the control of Tel Abiyad town.

Recently ISIS has captured the queen of desert, an ancient town of Syria named Palmyra. It is an UNESCO heritage site and it has many Pre Islamic architectures and statues. Supposedly ISIS is destroying those things.

Kobane, is a strategically important Syrian town, that is basically a border side town previously held by ISIS and now controlled by the Kurds. In recent fights, twelve people have been killed and more than thirty have been injured seriously. Though IS militants are trying to invade in Kobane, YPG officials did not give any press confirmation. They are saying that ISIS troops tried to cross and invade into the town and failed, couple of times.

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