Israel Hits Back Syrian Jihadists With Rockets

An Israeli bomber has fired several missiles on a building in Syria’s Golan Heights area in the response to a rocket strike made by a terrorist group on an Israeli village, as per the reports. Syrian government TV channels said several Israeli missiles hit a transportation centre and some public buildings in the Height’s Quneitra area nearby the international borderline.

Israel strikes back

Rocket Attack- No casualty 

Earlier some rockets hit near a village near the border of these two countries in northern Israel. But till now there is no report of injuries in these two attacks in both cases. Israeli defence officials has blamed on the Palestinian group of Islamic Jihad and movement for the rocket strike that denied the Israeli claim and put the topic down.

Israel Accuses Iran For Rocket Strike 

In a press statement released by the mighty Israeli defence stated that the rockets that hit on the upper Galilee region yesterday were intentionally fired from the Syrian Golan Heights to provoke Israeli soldiers to fire back by Islamic Jihad that is passively sponsored and funded by Iran. The whole press statement went on to declare that Israel holds the Syrian government and Iran responsible for the rocket attacks that emanate from Syria.

Syrian government news agency in Sana has confirmed that the Israeli air strikes hit on the buildings but reported there was no casualty. Islamic Jihad’s pioneers reside in the Syrian capital. Dawoud Shehab, a representative of the group who is situated in Gaza, denied it had terminated on Israel. Israel is attempting to redirect consideration from the annihilation that it endured despite the determination of the saint detainee Mohammed Allan Shehab told Reuters.

Islamic Jihad has freely recognized getting backing from Iran, an association Israel has looked to highlight as it crusades against the proposed US manage Iran. The stretch of fringe included in the trade has been to a great extent calm subsequent to the 2006 war in the middle of Israel and the Lebanese guerrilla bunch Hezbollah. Israel caught the western Golan in the 1967 Middle East war and added it, a move not perceived globally.

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