ISRO Successfully Launches GSAT-6 Communications Satellite

ISRO’s latest communication satellite GSAT-6 has been successfully positioned in its orbit, the organization proudly announced the news a couple of days back.

Earlier on 27th August, the Indian Space Research Organization successfully launched this advanced communication satellite the GSAT-6 from “The Satish Dhawan Space Centre” in Sriharikota.

GSAT-6 is the 25th Geostationary Communication Satellite built by ISRO and 12th in the GSAT series. The mission life of the satellite is 9 years the cuboid shaped satellite had a lift of mass of 2117 kg.

Image Courtsey : http://goo.gl/clZ2Sx

Image Courtsey : http://goo.gl/clZ2Sx

One of the advanced features of the GSAT-6 satellite is its S – band Unfurlable Antenna of 6 meters diameter. This is the largest satellite antenna launched by ISRO. The antenna will open up in space like an umbrella. It will help India’s strategic forces to communicate with each other on secure line using special small handheld devices.

The satellite was launched in space using Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle, the GSLV D6. The GSLV is a three stage engine rocket and has a total carrying capacity of around 2.2 tons. The first stage is fired with solid fuel, second with liquid fuel and the third with the cryogenic engine.

ISRO launched the GSLV rocket with its own cryogenic engine for the second time with GSAT-6 launch after only with the successful launch of the similar rocket GSLV D5 in January 2014.

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