Finally, the much awaited Jan Lokpal Bill finds its way via the Delhi Government. One of the big promises of Arvind Kejriwal has finally been realised. It expected to be tabled sometime in the next week in the assembly. It is claimed to be on the lines of what the Anna Hazare movement had demanded.

Jan Lokpal Bill Cleared by the Delhi Cabinet

It has paved way for creating an ombudsman. The draft brings the office of the Chief Minister under its examination of the Lokpal Bill. The Bill also envisages the establishment of an independent authority to investigate offences under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 and stipulates that investigation by the Lokpal be completed in 6 months and trials be demeanour in a time-bound manner.

 It is said to be based on the bill of Uttrakhand that was drafted by Manish Sisiodia and Arvind Kejriwal in 2011. Thus a strong Jan Lokpal Bill that had been AAP government’s forefront poll promises finally sees itself on its path of fulfilment.

 The BJP, Congress along with the certain members of the civil society had questioned the Delhi government of being ignorant to the demands of the bill despite putting it as one of the major agenda while contesting the elections. All the pressure mounted had compelled the government to act on the same though it was not one of the bills that were supposed to be included in the current session.

Despite the bill passed by the Delhi Cabinet, it has to be evaluated once it is implemented. Passing a bill is always good news but how much is being worked upon its implementation and the actual ground work that is something to be understood and analysed.

 Meanwhile celebrating the much-awaited bill has brought vigour and excitement among the people and certainly is a thumbs up for the AAP Government.