The war in Kabul’s Palace Park Hotel is over. This six hours long hostage war ended with five casualties. More than thirty persons were wounded and hospitalized. A US citizen is also among the dead. It is confirmed but the US embassy has not announce the name of the dead US citizen yet.

Kabul's Palace Park Hotel

Kabul’s Palace Park Hotel Seize | Report As of Now

Afghan security forces rescued 55 people and gunned down the gun man. Many people were there in the Palace Park Hotel due to the concert of Afghan singer Altaf Hussain. The gunman took the advantage of that and entered with a rifle. This created quick panic among the visitors. The gunman was shouting something related to Islam and stormed into the guest room suddenly breaking the security check point in front of the guest house.

Two are also Indian among the casualties. Indian embassy revealed the names of the two person. No terrorist outfit claimed the responsibility of the attack yet. Afghan officials are suspecting that this is try to create a massive panic in Kabul by Talibans.

According to the Police chief of Kabul, Abdul Rahman Rahimi- five dead and 11 wounded, including foreigners and few Afghans are reported till now.