Kim Ordered North Korea’s Soldiers to be Ready For War

North Korean president cum leader of the communist party Kim Jong-un has ordered an unusual thing today that is he ordered the troops of the frontline groups to be prepared for a war after the shell firing along the borders of South- North Korea yesterday.

South vs North Korea

South Korea & North Korea engaged in firing

Yesterday there was an emergency in South Korea as North Korea fired shells targeting the positions of South Korean soldiers along the international borders of North and South Korea. Before it, North Korea fired many times whenever South Korea tried to join any joint exercise or naval drill with other countries like United States or Japan. You may heard of the news before where at the time of joint exercise of US and South Korea, North Korea fired rocket targeting the joint forces in the shore of Pacific.

North Korea’s Happenings

Tension between these two countries has been in highest point since some South Korean spies leaked some news about the Kim in internet. Kim got angry started hunting the culprits. But unfortunately he ordered to execute some of his top level officials. According to the top rated news agencies more than seventy top level officials have been executed due to some strange reason. He ordered to kill the chief defence security advisor because the advisor got into sleep during as occasion where Kim was present.

Border Broadcasts- Issue, triggered shelling

Breaking all the neighbourhood relation North Korean soldiers opened fire on the South Korean soldiers without any reason and provoked them to reply with the same. South Korean defence ministry ranged high alert alarm soon after the firing started along the international borders. And altered the citizens of that area and ordered them to shut down the shops and came back to the bunkers leaving their houses. South Korean soldiers started digging trenches along the borders. Firing is on from yesterday and its going on right now also. Both the countries have not keeping any rest in firing. This tension causes lot problems there in Pacific region. China and US expressed their tensions over the ongoing border shelling between North & South Korea.

Tension is surging up as the leader of the North Korea has ordered his infantry divisions to get ready for a face to face war against South Korea. North Korea warned the South Korea to put a full stop on its loud speaker campaign in the border area within 48 hours otherwise it warned that it would take strong military action against South Korea immediately.

Kim Ordered frontier groups to be ready for war

Probably that is why Kim released the order to keep the infantries ready for the clash. Before it, South Korea did the same type of border broadcasting through loud speakers and fm in 2010. But after a joint meeting between these two countries they agreed to keep peace in border. But yesterday South Korea started the similar broadcast in the border area and North Korea replied with the shell firing immediately. After that both the countries got engaged in border firing.

Though North Korea warned south not to broadcast the messages that provokes North Korean soldiers, opened a window for talking meanwhile to resolve the border issues.

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